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Earl’s Cycle Center – NOS Parts, Engines and Misc.
These Parts will be displayed in the tent at site 1
and will be part of Day 1 of the three Day Auction

Need to restock your parts business or start a new company? This auction is for you.
Tons of parts as well as project and parts motorcycles.
CLICK ON picture for better Veiw CLICK Links Below to see the current lots.
These pages will be filling up:
otorcycles Page 1
Motorcycles Page 2
Motorcycles Page 3
Motorcycles Page 4
Big Lots - Multiple Bikes and Parts
Cars and Trucks

Big Lots - Multiple Bikes and Parts
Cars and Trucks

Lot # Description      
T1 NOS Honda CB160 Tank      
T1A 70's Honda 125 Elsinore Tank      
T2 NOS Triumph Seat      
T3 Custom Tank      
T4 NOS Honda Seat      
T5 NOS Honda Tank – CB 450      
T6 CBX Tank & Body Work      
T7 NOS Kawasaki Tank ‘75 LTD 900      
T8 NOS Kawasaki Fender    
T9  Honda Tank – CB 360      
T10 NOS Side Cover CB 400 F      
T11  NOS Kawasaki Tank – KZ 400      
T12 CX 500 Turbo Fender      
T12A Z1 Tail Piece      
T13 Yamaha 100 Tank      
T14 1978 Z1R Tank      
T15 ‘79 Honda XR500 Tank      
T16 ’78 Z1R Tank      
T17 NOS Suzuki 450E Tank      
T18 NOS Suzuki GS 850G Tank      
T19 NOS ’82 Honda 650 Nighthawk Tank      
T20 Bultaco Astro Tank & Seat    
T21 NOS Honda CB100/125 Tank      
T22  NOS Tank & Seat – Steve McQueen design    
T23 NOS Honda CB100/125 Tank      
T24 NOS Honda SL 350 Tank      
T25 Tank & Seat for Champion    
T26 ’69 Honda SL 350 Tank      
T28 Kawasaki 400/440 LTD Tank & Side Covers      
T29 ’75-6 Honda 750 SS Seat      
T30 NOS Honda 400 SS Seat    
T31 Honda 400F Tank & Side Covers      
T32 Triumph Header      
T33 Kawasaki KZ 550 Tank & Body Work      
T34 BSA Sign      
T35 Fenders      
T36 New Vintage Helmet      
T37 Sprockets      
T38 Spark Plugs      
T39 ATC Fender    
T40  NOS Wards Mojave Parts  

T41 Suzuki Tank      
T42 Honda Tank      
T43 CBX Tank      
T44 Honda Fairing      
T45 Lot of Side Covers  
T46 Side Covers & Tail Pieces      
T47 Spokes and Nipples      
T48 BSA CB34 Gold Star Cases      
T49 NOS BSA Gold Star Rod & Bearing      
T50 Zener Diodes & Capacitors      
T51 Rectifiers      
T52 Misc. British Parts      
T53 Triumph Non-Unit Primary      
T54 BSA A65 Case Covers      
T55 BSA A65 Engine    
T56 Triumph Hard Tail      
T57 Misc. Rims & British Parts      
T58 Early BSA Gas Tank      
T59 Alloy Tank      
T60 Norton Mufflers      
T61 BSA ZB (?) Head      
T62 Triumph 500 Parts      
T63 Triumph/BSA Single Parts      
T64 Triumph Gas Tank      
T65 BSA Gas Tank      
T66 Fairing and Mount    
T67 Triumph 650: Cases, Cylinder + Head      
T68 Triumph Covers      
T69 Oil Tanks, Covers, etc.      
T70 Norton High Rider Seat      
T71 BSA A10 Parts      
T72 Rickman Front Wheel      
T77 NOS Honda Parts  
T78 NOS Honda Parts      
T79 Manuals      
T80 Box of NOS Levers      
T81 Box of NOS Levers      
T82 Box of NOS Levers      
T83 Box of NOS Levers      
T84 Box of NOS Levers      
T85 Box of NOS Levers      
T86 Box of NOS Levers      
T87 Box of NOS Levers      
T88 Box of NOS Levers      
T89 Box of NOS Levers      
T90 NOS Honda Parts      
T91 NOS Honda Parts      
T92 Harley-Davidson Parts      
T93 NOS Honda Parts      
T94 Seats under table      
T95  NOS Honda Parts      
T96 NOS Honda Parts      
T97 Wind Shields      
T98 NOS Honda Parts      
T99 NOS Honda Parts      
T100 Fairing      
T101 NOS Honda Parts      
T102 NOS Honda Parts – under table    
T103 NOS Honda Parts      
T104 Tires – under table      
T105 NOS Yamaha Parts      
T106 3 cases of NOS Inner Tubes      
T107  NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T108 13 New Tires      
T109 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T110 NOS Honda Parts – 2 boxes      
T111 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T112 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T113 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T114 NOS Polaris Parts      
T115 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T116 NOS Kawasaki Wheel      
T117 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T118 Suzuki Tank & Seat      
T119 Kawasaki Tank & Seat      
T120 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T121 CB750 Tank & Seat      
T122  Early Outboard Motor      
T123 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T124 1947 Mercury Outboard Motor      
T125 Evenrude Gas Tank      
T126 NOS Kawasaki Parts      
T127 Set of Kawasaki Triple Pipes      
T128 Honda SL 100/125 Pipe      
T129 pair of Honda SL350 Pipes      
T130 NOS Honda CB450 Pipe      
T131 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T132 set of Suzuki GT 750 Pipes      
T133 2 GT 750 Inside Pipes      
T134 Honda CB 350 Pipe & Muffler      
T135 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T136 Yamaha 100 Enduro Pipe      
T137 Kawasaki Triple Expansion Pipes      
T138 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T139 Kawasaki Triple Expansion Chambers      
T140 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T141 Norton Fairing      
T142 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T143 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T144 NOS Suzuki Parts – under bench      
T145 NOS Suzuki Parts      
T146 NOS Honda Parts      
T147 NOS Honda Parts      
T148 NOS Honda Parts      
T149 NOS Honda Parts      
T150 NOS Honda Parts      

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