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Some other items available in Earl's Collection
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 “C” = Complete, “P” = Project
Be sure to check back often as we will be adding more information on
the special bikes in Earl's collection as we approach the auction date.
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Big Lots - Multiple Bikes and Parts
Parts and Accessories
Cars and Trucks

LOT # C4 1931 Ford Sedan Condition C

1931 Ford No rust, complete and turns over.

We may make this run for fun


  LOT # C3 1949 Chevrolet Wrecker Condition C

1949 Chevy Wrecker, complete, would make a great company mascot


LOT # C2 1958 GMC Pickup w/Corvette Eng Condition C

1958 GMC Pickup has a Corvette engine in it, needs love


  Lot 120A - 1940 Chrysler sedan on Lincoln chassis with 460 Ford engine. Project


Lot 630 - 60’s Chrysler sedan, complete


Lot 616 - 70’s Dodge Van 318, title


Lot 500A - 1940 Chrysler Windsor Coupe
Convertable project


Lot 481A - c1950 Ford Pickup, no engine

                  set up for 460 Ford


C1 Motorcycle Trailer  C