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WORKING IN THE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY SINCE 1965 - CLICK HERE for a brief history and goals

History of  Raber's Parts Mart

Here is the world’s chance to come and get Bob Raber’s famous British Motorcycle parts collection. As I went through the warehouse I kept finding little signs on parts and motorcycles stating “Do Not Sell – Bob”.


Well, now Bob has decided to retire and spend time with his lovely wife, Betsy.

Bob and his family have contracted J. Wood and Company to sell those parts at NO RESERVE. NOTHING will be sold before the auction! We don’t make the prices, You will.



Bob Raber started working in the motorcycle business in 1958. He bought the shop he was working in and has been saving parts for British Motorcycles ever since. He bought-out shop inventories, Hap Jones, GP Cycle Works, the Sandy Bandit and others. Bob even bought out the Norton / Triumph importer from Kuwait. The inventory is unbelievable. I have been working with British bikes for 53 years and I saw brand new parts that were quite uncommon, but very desirable. The quality and quantity is very impressive.


There is even a 4,500 square foot warehouse packed full of parts that Bob has not even had time to pick through. It is packed with priceless, rare parts. That inventory will be brought to the shop and put into the auction sale.


We will tag things in reasonable lots. All of the motorcycles will be sold one at a time as well as some engine and transmissions. If we are able to put a frame with an engine, we will do that and sort of make-up kits. We expect to sell the NOS Parts by the shelf unit load. Our goal is to give everybody an even shot at this treasure. Riders, dealers big and small as well as major distributors.


Don’t miss this auction! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. British motorcycles are still selling very well.


If you have not participated at a J. Wood auction, you might be impressed. We do not take any false bids or do any false “Bumping”. We run the straightest auction you can attend. We also know motorcycles. I have been working in the motorcycle business for 53 years. We love motorcycles and motorcycle people.


Jerry Wood

CLICK HERE for more slide shows of this massive auction, pictures and a listing of the motorcycles available.


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