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WORKING IN THE MOTORCYCLE INDUSTRY SINCE 1965 - CLICK HERE for a brief history and goals

Since 1988, motorcycle enthusiasts have flocked to the J Wood and Company auctions.
From our well know Daytona and Barber Vintage Event actions to many private collections around the USA we have helped to bring many collectible machines out for public viewing, made them available to be purchased and have set the worth of these treasures.
Come join us for our next exciting Auction Event!
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We want to thank all of our  customers who came to the Earlís Cycle auction.

The auction was a great success for our sellers and buyers alike. We had many people give us positive comments and that they had a great time.

British bikes and parts stayed strong, so the older folks who rode those bikes in the day are still enjoying the sport. The new growth seems to be with the early Japanese superbikes like the Honda CB750ís and the Kawasaki Z1ís.

The collection was the largest that any of us know about from one man. Many of the machines were nice and many suffered in the Florida weather, but almost all of them found a new home.
Thanks again.


We are posting the results for the tent bikes as they were in most cases, complete bikes.

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